Canadian Slag Services

Canadian Slag Services (CSSI) operate several blast furnace slag quenching systems (slag granulators and pelletizers) located within major steel plants in southern Ontario. These processes quench blast furnace slag, a co-product of producing iron, to make granulated and pelletized slag, which is shipped to the cement industry and ground to produce slag cement powder.CSSI also processes and sells air-cooled, blast furnace slag and iron recovered from the slag. Blast furnace slag aggregates are used by road building contractors throughout the Great Lakes region.

Air Cooled Blast Furnace Slag (ACBFS) is also screened by CSSI to various sizes and used in the manufacture of rock wool insulation. All forms of Blast Furnace Slag, granulated, pelletized and air cooled, are by-products of the production of iron and as such, are all recycled products, the use of which helps many industrial companies lower their overall environmental footprint.

Canadian Slag Services prides itself on providing high-quality products and reliable services to clients throughout the Great Lakes region.

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