Cargo Dockers

Cargo Dockers is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, within the city limits of Bowmanville, Ontario. Cargo Dockers is a diverse product handling facility. We handle approximately 1.5 million tonnes of product annually. Products include: cement, clinker, coal, gypsum, petroleum coke, kalime and salt. Cargo Dockers operates with 980 loaders, tractor/trailer trucks, 2 spray water trucks, 2 weigh scales, and a 150′ stacker. This facilitates the stockpiling, spraying, covering and load out of products efficiently. Cargo Dockers has 330 metres of docking berth with a water depth of standard seaway draft. We are also a secured port under the Transport Canada regulations (MTSR). Cargo Dockers Ltd. has operated in this location since 1979, and continues to operate in a safe and effective manner.
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